About - TRA

“The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.”
John F. Kennedy

Who are we?

The Right Advocate is a non-profit non governmental organization that deals with the protection of civil rights of citizens from new dimension by creating an inter-relations among civil society organizations that address the issue of human right in Nigeria, Cyprus and other parts of the globe. As we hold on to democratic values ,we support in areas where government mechanisms and institutions have not sufficiently covered protection.


TRA is connected to a significant number of civil societies around the world.


Starting with the abuse of migrant workers, child labor and fighting for the rights of students who have been misled by wrong advert and agencies about Cyprus unveils less salient sectors of violations. This is to create an instant intervention to the human rights violations at the individual or grass-roots level as It seek to get involve with the UN, EU and AU.


This is because several cases of unattended interventions led to loss of lives that could have been avoided. Hence, this NGO involves in quick mediation at the grass-roots to avoid escalation into grand violence that leads to violation of human rights in the long-run.


We see a world where human rights will be taken at face value and lead to reduction in gross violations of different patterns.


To network with all local and global civil rights agents to create rapid response by contactıng the nearest agents through rapid report of incidence to avoid escalation of vıolatıons.


Want to get involved?

Contact freelance Lawyer, Journalist, Media houses and other NGOs